Saturday, 6 February 2010

How to be Immortalised when all the Sphinx are taken

Sad news folks maybe the saddest thing I ever heard.
It concerns everyone's favourite girl next door, Belgian come back queen, winner of last years US Open, and mother to a young daughter Kim Clijsters.

She has become a barbie....
Or rather Barbie has made her a doll, with an outfit inspired by what she wore in the final, and every woman's dream accessory; a child.  Yes little Jada has become a Barbie (non creepy child version thankfully, although all dolls are a bit creepy...)  Rosa Zeegers, Senior VP, Barbie International, said: "Kim not only embodies the values of Barbie, she is a reflection of today's women who manage successful careers while enjoying their families and celebrating motherhood."  Hmmm...

Maybe its wrong of me to expect every successful woman to be angry feminist, and outspoken campaigner for the END Barbism...but surely a basic minimum of being allowed to leave your house un champoroned is the implicit agreement that you wont let yourself be turned into a Barbie.  While Kim's doll maybe almost acceptable, it is a company that (probably) gets small children to make plastic skinny white (predominantly) women for tiny children to play with.  Why would a right thinking person sign up to that$ opps I meant ? obviously.

Well Princess thingy of Sweden, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Liz Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe all did it, many children want an Oprah Winfrey to play with? Or even JK Rowling, Harry Potter figures yes, middle aged author doll no.   So it begs the question who buys these and why?