Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tennis Round up

Andy Murray continues to be pathetic this season, after losing to Frederer in Ozzie Open hes just been losing everything.  Betting scam Id say.  Or hes just a bit tired.  But he just lost 6-2 6-1 to Kohlschrieber whos a german guy, anyway they showed that picture of him looking miserable that they always show when he loses (whether its a new picture or stock I couldnt say, he always looks like that).

And his ranking will go down, and everyone's very concerned about this.  I'm trying to care just to write this blog, but its just not happening.

Martina Navratilova has breast cancer, which I feel has more capacity to evoke emotion.  But then she said it was 'her 9/11', which made her seem bonkers in my eyes.  But she says shell beat it- and damn it I believe her.

And the LTA have replaced John Loyd (finally) with some guy no ones heard of.  Leon Smith who used to work with Andy Murray, which may at one time have meant something but as mentioned above hes sucking ass ATM.   Murray still says he wont be persuaded to play Davis Cup even though his friend is the new boss, and Jamie Murray who continues to show sexiness despite media naivety- he twittered
"Do you honestly think this will make him play?! So transparent."
Which I think is an odd thing to twitter, but he gets his point across.  Many rumours abound that thats the reason they picked Smith who has never played Davis Cup, or coached at top level, or even seen a tennis match before...ok I made up that last one...
As long as he re-picks J Murray Im fine, as long as he also takes his phone and interent access to break this terrible T addiction. 

In other news, tennis player Sania Mirza married her boyf of three months (she was engaged to someone else until January), she married Pakistani Cricket guy Shoaib Malik.  Malik, it emerged, was already married to another women, who now was causing a bit of a stink.  They apparently met online and married over the phone, he was shown pictures of her which turned out to be of someone else, and says he was tricked into the marriage.  But its ok because theyre divorced now, and Mirza and Malik are married. 
Things happen differently in Asia, no?