Saturday, 28 November 2009

Federer V Davydenko

Well its 3-1 in the first set.  But its Davydenko with the break...Federer rolled through his opening game, and had break points in Davy's but  a few errors and the Russian held.  The more errors including double faults lost him his serve.
And again. 4-1 to Davydenko...crazy times, Federer has beaten Davydenko the last million times (that isnt actually much of an exaggeration, Davydenko last got a set from Feds in 2006, and has lost all 12 times they've played...ok it was a bit of an exaggeration.)

Well a few Federer shots and he breaks back to 4-2...then makes some more mistakes to give Davydenko 2 break points and it goes to 5-2 to Davydenko.
Weird stuff.

Good serving and Davys got 3 set points...erm 2 set points...he put the first one wide but Roger puts his return in the net...
Davydenko takes first set 6-2
Kind of dull

Prize money is $1,630,000 for the undefeated winner...$120,000 participation fee...and apparently extra bonuses from sponors
But it's not about the money (that's why they keep telling us all about it)
You can easily find out how much each player has earned in the year, and their entire career but I wonder whether that covers appearance fees? It certainly doesnt cover sponsorship and off court monies...
But its not about the money...

Second set and Feds started well, but he started well last set...
oh dear Roger's cross and he kicked a ball away in annoyance..
we're at deuce on Davy's serve, he better be careful...wooo he does a cross court slicy dipping shot (probs not whats it called, but impressive not the less)...One in the tram lines- less impressive...Ace, always a winner (he he he, tennis joke)...into the tramlines (boo)...he finally holds 2-2.

Federer playing much better and its on serve 4-3.
Andy Castle thinks he may have been kept up late by his new twins...

Well Roger still not playing well but he manages to get two set points....whacks the first one into the stands and makes a funny noise, but a long rally and Davy goes wide, Roger shouts yes...
According to Andy Castle this is him 'engaging' in the match...

And so to a third set
And Federers playing well, finally, poor Davy
Well it's all down to Federer really, on his day he just better than everyone, but right now he's playing well on his serve and less well on Davy's.  Could be close.
and it keeps going, Federer leds 5-4 on serve, but Davy will have to serve to stay in the match.   Ah the benefits of serving first.  Really not fair if Fedo wins, but it feels inevitable. 
Fed gets a really lucky net cord, then plays an awesome shot, then sends one long, another long? hawkeye challenge...and its out 30-30...super long rally Davy never stops hitting the ball, game point for Niko, Fed sends the return long
Most exciting game of the match so far...only taken 2 hrs
Davydenko gets into Federer's serve and breaks...I wasn't really paying attention though, but the Russian leads
two great serves, then he sends one long, another long (ish) rally and Davy goes long again, 30-30, awesome cross-court backhand (i think ) from Fed, break back point...woo awesome from Davy deuce...nice serve right on the line and Fed nets the return...match point...and Fed nets
Davydenko wins, and Fed is out. 6-2 4-6 7-5

ATP Tour Finals- Semi-Finals

We wont talk about the picture of Jamie Murray and girl which is being flashed about everywhere...I hate her.

Anyway, the semi-finals are today
Roger Federer V Nikoli Davydenko (just guessed the spelling)
Juan Del Potro V Robin Soderling

Nadal lost all his round robin matches unbelievably, Andy Murray was pushed out by a game (Murray, Federer, and Del Potro had all won 2 and lost 1, and won the same number of sets, so it went to the number of games each had won- Roger had defo gone through but Del Potro waited on court 25mins before anyone told him whether he'd gone through- this morning Sue Barker, Tim Henman and Andy Castle- you know the real British tennis heavy weights- all agreed it was outrageous, I think the ATP aren't very good with sums and Del Potro played some fun tennis with Tevez who I understand is a footballer that he's friends with).  Last years winner Novak Djokovic who is very tired apparently (not seen his matches) won 2 and lost one but was also knocked out by someone else winning their match- Davydenko.

So we're predicting Del Potro V Federer in the Final Final, and since Juan beat him on Thursday and in the US Open I like him for the win- I want him to win, he's nice and tall- I think I mentioned that before.  But he's really really tall.
And he's nice.
And tall.

Ok Feds V Davy

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Well they sort of started playing at some point in the third set, Murray was serving first giving him the advantage.  So Verdasco came close to winning when he nearly broke Murray, but then close to losing when Murray nearly broke him, then it went to tie-break.  Which Murray won.
Still have to wait and see if he goes through to the semis
And no more sightings of Big J.


Set point to Verdasco, but Murray serves well to save it
The second set much like the first but Murray serving a bit better and Verdasco making fewer errors
Murray may have won the game with an ace and another scream, but was a let- but then he does it again wth an unreturnable serve and slightly smaller scream.
Castle is in awe of the power that you see in Murray or something- I think it was the screaming.
Verdasco has the advantage of serving first in this set meaning he's always a game ahead (as long as he holds all his service games) , but they both look tired and Murray is up a set and has just saved a set point, 5-5- 30-15 to Murray.  verdasco gets a double fault but challenges...
And it's out, so its 5-5 40-15 to Murray and he could break here and serve for the match.
Good serve and overhead and its 40-30...
Nice volleying right into the corner and its deuce...
But a bad miss and its advantage Murray...
Wooo lefty serve all bouncy and another volley thing (i think they all have special names) and its deuce...
Oh double fault and its advantage Murray...
Another lefty serve right in the corner, Murray hits long and pulls a horrid face and its deuce...
Nice down the line shot (I think I like those the best) and its advantage Verdasco finally...
And Fernando holds and its 6-5 to Verdasco...


Murray managed to break Ferny- there was a cool rally which FV should have won but his missed the shot and Andy made that rat face.
He then served up 2 double faults and is really struggling to serve it out. set point- oh into the net by Verdasco.
Andy Castle described it as a professional performance by both players- which begs the question what on earth do the amateurs do?  Throw the ball with their hands?
They showed Big J again, from the side, didn't do it for me in profile, maybe it was cos he was sat next to his dad...?
Second set starting...

Murray V Verdasco

Oh my, oh me oh my.  Watching A. Murray against Fernando Verdasco in the first of the last matches in the round robins-
who cares whats hapening, Jamie Murray is in the crowd with sexy beard and toussled hair, its all working, and I'm feeling all of a flutter.
Now ugly Murray back on screen and its preferable to concentrate on the tennis- too many unforced errors by Verdasco (who takes about 3 hrs to get ready for each point, and who's T-shirt looks a bit giraffe like on the back  but like a boring Addidas number on the front), and poor serving by Murray (who's in blue to match the court, the stands, and the weird blue lighting) means its all rather even stevens.  And even though there is good tennis happening its quite great point, bad point, great point etc.   Leaves one with the feeling that one would rather have another shot of Big J.
Or just some better tennis.
3-3 on serve in first set, but Murray has break point, 1st serve is a fault, second is crazy awesome ace.  Just to vindicate my earlier point, thanks Nando. Another ace seals the game.  Go spaniard number 2 (Nadal being spaniard number one of course, but he lost both his matches and is out, although he still have to play another match cos its round robin, which just seems cruel).  Robin Soderling won his 2 and will defo go through to the final, Federer also won his 2 and will probably go through (definately if he wins his match today, but also if he loses and Murray loses, or if he loses and Murray winsbut Murray lost more games than him, and then theres something to do with Del Potro who could go through if he beats federer or if he loses and Murray aso loses...and Verdasco has lost both his matches but could still go through it he beats Murray, and Del Potro loses, or Del Potro wins but loses more see...this is just group A...and this is why round Robins are stupid and brilliant in equal measure.)
Andy just screamed out his own name...which is weird...and you feel sorry for his girlfriend...its cos he missed a shot and hes a freak
4-4 30-30

Sunday, 22 November 2009


so Murray won, JDP kinda crumbled in the end.
And the Federer match doesnt appear to be on nm, can't remember who he's playing anyway.


5-2 in the second set, but to Del Potro this time.  He played a weak game to finish the first set 3-6, but came back fantastically, and once he started playing well suddenly Murray looked rather dull.  So Delpo is 5-2 up and Murray is keeping him waiting while he gets his racket out (not a euphemism thankfully). 
Can't deny Murray started this game with a great shot...
And a rather duff one- 30-30 now, whooosh Juan hits one right into the stands, very exciting, probs not what he was going for though, oh lame Andy deuce, good serve game point Murray, shot goes long, deuce, apparently its only best of 3 sets, I thought 5, another game point Murray, aw Juan into the net and Murray holds. 
Its all rather flat really. 
And while I try to figure what the hell action research is, Del Potro collects a few set points.  Murray somehow wins a pretty cool rally, but big big J still has one set point, and he wins it with the biggest shot in the world- awesomeness.
Onto a third set.

ATP tour finals- 1st round robin Murray V Del Potro

Andy Murray is 4-0 up in the first set against Juan Del Potro, and Andy Castle has never seen him look so sharp at the beginning of a tournament...the fact that Castle says this at the start of every single Murray match would, youd think, take something away from this statement.  I have to agree that Murray looks good to win, but rather more down to some errors from Potro, and then he hurt his foot and then he got a hose bleed.  Not the Argentine's best match, but he was injuried post US Open, and has only played 1 full match since. 
5-0 now. 
Come on Juan, pull your socks up.  Wipe your nose.  He had a break point in Murrays first game and missed it, could have been very different had he got off to a winning start...well 5-1 at least.
Oh he's won a point.  We're on a roll...well the beginning of a roll.
And he's lost the next one.  Henman says Del Potro wont wangt to lose the first set 6-0...Im so glad he's on our sommentating team, could you imagine if another channel had snapped him up and was getting all his insights, of course most people could figure out that he wouldn't want to lose 6-0 but it takes 10 years of playing 'consistent' tennis to really know it.
Hey hey game point Delpo...and he gets it...hurrah...5-1, now we're cooking with gas. 
Castle and Henman agree that losing that game will be good for Murray in the long run, because losing a set 0-6 can spur you on or something...oh good i was worried about him
oh my...break point for big big J (hes like 7 feet tall or something)...gone...deuce (that means 40-40, which is only 4 points won each, but the scoring system is half french, half clock, and half mad)...set point to Murray..gone awesome...deuce again (so 40-40 but 6 points each, but it doesnt matter about the number, except it gets a bit tiring) another awesome Pot shot, another break point...ace is challenged by DP, and it was wide so Del Potro wins game and its 5-2
I was gonna stop at the end of the set but its not ending as soon as I thought (who's complaining, go Juan), so Ill stop now and catch you up later.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Changes and waitings

Can you even recognise the place?
Ive changed the picture, changed the poll, added a RSS feed thingamy, and added some suggestion comments at the bottom of posts.
Its a brave new world.
Tennis wise- not much on- still waiting for tour finals to start the sunday coming, although now Andy Roddick has pulled out with a wonky knee or something does anyone really care? Roger wins well he's won everything, Murray wins well he's a twat, Djokovic wins and hes quite cute but a bit whiny, Nadal could win which would please my sister, and Del Potro could win and he's quite tall.  I haven't like Roger (did I tell you this?) since he beat Roddick at Wimby (when he didn't deserve to) and then staggered around with 15 on his jumper (cos he's won 15 slams, ya see? and cos his sponsors just 'gave it to him', ya know, and he's the most successful tennis player around, practically ever and he obviously couldn't say no to them). I'm leaning towards Del Potro because he beat Roger at the US Open or Djoko Because he's keeping Murray from moving up the rankings. 
Jamie Murray's moved up a few places, not back into top 100 yet but closing in.  Hurrah.  It pleases me. 
Just look at his website- if that's not a Just Seventeen pin-up waiting to happen (if that particular publication still existed) I don't know what is.
Well that's all from me until Sunday (for the Tour Finals- you forgot about it didn't you) when I'll at me watching-tennis-live-best

Monday, 9 November 2009

Rankings Rating

The votes are in (at some point, I havent really been paying attention) and Andy Roddick's bikini model wife is the most annoying thing about him, Andre Agassi's still a tip-tip bloke according to Murray, and Serena Williams is till obnoxious, I mean a winner at the end of year Finals.
Just summing up some of the events of the past few weeks that have shaken the tennis world (so much that I havent written a blog since 28th Oct, just been too darn excited).

In actual news, Andy Murray has come back from injury and won a title in Valencia.  Shall we hail the greatness that is Murray, or possible remember he's had several weeks of rest with a hurty arm, and as a top seed he gets a bye in the first round.  That means he doesnt have to play the first round, that means he played 3 matches to win.  And won a squillion dollars probably, when you take the appearance fee into account.  I rather think the top players have it a little too easy, better schedules, better courts (with hawkeye, with big crowds, with attention and TV coverage), hotel rooms paid for, appearance fees ($10,000 just to turn up), and they dont have to play each other in the first rounds- purposefully contrived so they play qualifyers and wildcards. 
You may say they have earned these benefits by playing well enough to win enough to get their ranking high enough, and its true I suppose.  But when you consider that rankings points have to be maintained- so if you win 250 points at wimbledon 2009, you keep them until wimbledon 2010 when you have to earn the same or better or you lose them- and then possible lose a ranking place or too.  More pressure on top players to continue to win matches and keep their points... Not really.  Its quite hard to move up and down in the top 20, such a big gap between ranking points.  And dropping from 5 in the world to 6, is hardly career threatening.  However, lower down in the rankings its much easier to slip 50 places at a time, and dropping outside of the top 100 makes life much harder as you cant get into big tournaments that you may have won big points at the year before.  So you drop further. 
Top players are further insulated by the byes, as mentioned previously...How much easier it is to win a tournament when you play one less match, and you automatical get into the second round, and automatically win the ranking points for getting into the second round (and the prize money while we're on the subject). 

Well if it was J. Murray that had won, I may feel differently, but doubtful.  I am a little upset that he has dropped out of the top 100 in the doubles.  I think he's played all his tournaments for the year, so his drop of about 20 places is more to do with other people winning matches and knocking him down.  Which just goes to show how easy it is to fall out of the top 100. It wont be much of a grand slam in australia if Big J is not there next Feb.   Well in my opinion.