Saturday, 28 November 2009

Federer V Davydenko

Well its 3-1 in the first set.  But its Davydenko with the break...Federer rolled through his opening game, and had break points in Davy's but  a few errors and the Russian held.  The more errors including double faults lost him his serve.
And again. 4-1 to Davydenko...crazy times, Federer has beaten Davydenko the last million times (that isnt actually much of an exaggeration, Davydenko last got a set from Feds in 2006, and has lost all 12 times they've played...ok it was a bit of an exaggeration.)

Well a few Federer shots and he breaks back to 4-2...then makes some more mistakes to give Davydenko 2 break points and it goes to 5-2 to Davydenko.
Weird stuff.

Good serving and Davys got 3 set points...erm 2 set points...he put the first one wide but Roger puts his return in the net...
Davydenko takes first set 6-2
Kind of dull

Prize money is $1,630,000 for the undefeated winner...$120,000 participation fee...and apparently extra bonuses from sponors
But it's not about the money (that's why they keep telling us all about it)
You can easily find out how much each player has earned in the year, and their entire career but I wonder whether that covers appearance fees? It certainly doesnt cover sponsorship and off court monies...
But its not about the money...

Second set and Feds started well, but he started well last set...
oh dear Roger's cross and he kicked a ball away in annoyance..
we're at deuce on Davy's serve, he better be careful...wooo he does a cross court slicy dipping shot (probs not whats it called, but impressive not the less)...One in the tram lines- less impressive...Ace, always a winner (he he he, tennis joke)...into the tramlines (boo)...he finally holds 2-2.

Federer playing much better and its on serve 4-3.
Andy Castle thinks he may have been kept up late by his new twins...

Well Roger still not playing well but he manages to get two set points....whacks the first one into the stands and makes a funny noise, but a long rally and Davy goes wide, Roger shouts yes...
According to Andy Castle this is him 'engaging' in the match...

And so to a third set
And Federers playing well, finally, poor Davy
Well it's all down to Federer really, on his day he just better than everyone, but right now he's playing well on his serve and less well on Davy's.  Could be close.
and it keeps going, Federer leds 5-4 on serve, but Davy will have to serve to stay in the match.   Ah the benefits of serving first.  Really not fair if Fedo wins, but it feels inevitable. 
Fed gets a really lucky net cord, then plays an awesome shot, then sends one long, another long? hawkeye challenge...and its out 30-30...super long rally Davy never stops hitting the ball, game point for Niko, Fed sends the return long
Most exciting game of the match so far...only taken 2 hrs
Davydenko gets into Federer's serve and breaks...I wasn't really paying attention though, but the Russian leads
two great serves, then he sends one long, another long (ish) rally and Davy goes long again, 30-30, awesome cross-court backhand (i think ) from Fed, break back point...woo awesome from Davy deuce...nice serve right on the line and Fed nets the return...match point...and Fed nets
Davydenko wins, and Fed is out. 6-2 4-6 7-5

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