Sunday, 22 November 2009

ATP tour finals- 1st round robin Murray V Del Potro

Andy Murray is 4-0 up in the first set against Juan Del Potro, and Andy Castle has never seen him look so sharp at the beginning of a tournament...the fact that Castle says this at the start of every single Murray match would, youd think, take something away from this statement.  I have to agree that Murray looks good to win, but rather more down to some errors from Potro, and then he hurt his foot and then he got a hose bleed.  Not the Argentine's best match, but he was injuried post US Open, and has only played 1 full match since. 
5-0 now. 
Come on Juan, pull your socks up.  Wipe your nose.  He had a break point in Murrays first game and missed it, could have been very different had he got off to a winning start...well 5-1 at least.
Oh he's won a point.  We're on a roll...well the beginning of a roll.
And he's lost the next one.  Henman says Del Potro wont wangt to lose the first set 6-0...Im so glad he's on our sommentating team, could you imagine if another channel had snapped him up and was getting all his insights, of course most people could figure out that he wouldn't want to lose 6-0 but it takes 10 years of playing 'consistent' tennis to really know it.
Hey hey game point Delpo...and he gets it...hurrah...5-1, now we're cooking with gas. 
Castle and Henman agree that losing that game will be good for Murray in the long run, because losing a set 0-6 can spur you on or something...oh good i was worried about him
oh my...break point for big big J (hes like 7 feet tall or something)...gone...deuce (that means 40-40, which is only 4 points won each, but the scoring system is half french, half clock, and half mad)...set point to Murray..gone awesome...deuce again (so 40-40 but 6 points each, but it doesnt matter about the number, except it gets a bit tiring) another awesome Pot shot, another break point...ace is challenged by DP, and it was wide so Del Potro wins game and its 5-2
I was gonna stop at the end of the set but its not ending as soon as I thought (who's complaining, go Juan), so Ill stop now and catch you up later.

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