Thursday, 26 November 2009

Murray V Verdasco

Oh my, oh me oh my.  Watching A. Murray against Fernando Verdasco in the first of the last matches in the round robins-
who cares whats hapening, Jamie Murray is in the crowd with sexy beard and toussled hair, its all working, and I'm feeling all of a flutter.
Now ugly Murray back on screen and its preferable to concentrate on the tennis- too many unforced errors by Verdasco (who takes about 3 hrs to get ready for each point, and who's T-shirt looks a bit giraffe like on the back  but like a boring Addidas number on the front), and poor serving by Murray (who's in blue to match the court, the stands, and the weird blue lighting) means its all rather even stevens.  And even though there is good tennis happening its quite great point, bad point, great point etc.   Leaves one with the feeling that one would rather have another shot of Big J.
Or just some better tennis.
3-3 on serve in first set, but Murray has break point, 1st serve is a fault, second is crazy awesome ace.  Just to vindicate my earlier point, thanks Nando. Another ace seals the game.  Go spaniard number 2 (Nadal being spaniard number one of course, but he lost both his matches and is out, although he still have to play another match cos its round robin, which just seems cruel).  Robin Soderling won his 2 and will defo go through to the final, Federer also won his 2 and will probably go through (definately if he wins his match today, but also if he loses and Murray loses, or if he loses and Murray winsbut Murray lost more games than him, and then theres something to do with Del Potro who could go through if he beats federer or if he loses and Murray aso loses...and Verdasco has lost both his matches but could still go through it he beats Murray, and Del Potro loses, or Del Potro wins but loses more see...this is just group A...and this is why round Robins are stupid and brilliant in equal measure.)
Andy just screamed out his own name...which is weird...and you feel sorry for his girlfriend...its cos he missed a shot and hes a freak
4-4 30-30

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