Sunday, 22 November 2009


5-2 in the second set, but to Del Potro this time.  He played a weak game to finish the first set 3-6, but came back fantastically, and once he started playing well suddenly Murray looked rather dull.  So Delpo is 5-2 up and Murray is keeping him waiting while he gets his racket out (not a euphemism thankfully). 
Can't deny Murray started this game with a great shot...
And a rather duff one- 30-30 now, whooosh Juan hits one right into the stands, very exciting, probs not what he was going for though, oh lame Andy deuce, good serve game point Murray, shot goes long, deuce, apparently its only best of 3 sets, I thought 5, another game point Murray, aw Juan into the net and Murray holds. 
Its all rather flat really. 
And while I try to figure what the hell action research is, Del Potro collects a few set points.  Murray somehow wins a pretty cool rally, but big big J still has one set point, and he wins it with the biggest shot in the world- awesomeness.
Onto a third set.

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