Sunday, 30 May 2010

Et huit...

Well the big news is thatt Andy Murray is out in straight sets to Thomas Berdych.  I say 'big news' because everyone seemed to have already given him the title (although constantly refering to Nadal and Federer as the favorites at the same time).  Anyone with sense saw he was outplayed in the first round, he was challenged in the second, and lost a set 0-6 to Baghdatis in the third.  Right from the beginning of this match he looked tired and miserable (Ive started to get good at spotting the difference between this and Murray's normal attitude/expression, its slight but its there).  He was moving slower and making errors against a good player he was hitting his groundstrokes well and had bounces of energy.  Wasnt a surprise that he quickly wrapped up the first set, was a surprised when he had a break in the second and lost it letting Murray back into the match.  But Murray didnt seem to want it though and gave the break back.  After that the third set seemed a formality, especially as rain stopped play briefly which could only of added to Murray's tiredness.  It seemed late enough to stop the match at that point and pick up in the morning, but they didnt and Murray lost.
The newspapers will be crying about it, but I for one am quite chipper.
Hennis and Sharapova finished their match this morning at a set a piece, and although Sharapova started off very fast taking an early break Henin came back and took the match. Shame really, but Sharapova's serve let her down.  Complaints from everyone about scheduling (why had their match, which had been the most interesting of the day been put on last last night?) but the scheduling had been mad all week, and it was only a womens match after all. 
The biggest actual shock came from Venus Williams (not the dress this time I promise) who lost in straight sets to Petrova.  And people had been talking her up all week.  Saying how well prepared she was, and how well she was playing.  Well similar to Murray she looked listless on court, and never really appeared to be fighting for the win.  Not that I care that much, the Williams sisters bore me at best.
Also Federer won against fellow Swiss Wawrinka, another one against Fed who should have taken a set being a break up but played gutsy shots in the wind (and they went out), and lost the break.  Went to the tie break where a similar thing happened.  In the end it was fairly easy for Federer who wasn't at his best, but didn't need to be.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Et Six...(they speak six, just like us)

Well inconsiderate msn 'friends' went to bed before midnight last night, making me forget about blog updating, and it's you, the fans, that suffer.
So I'll update yesterday, and mention whats ahappening right now.
Yesterday tournament favourites Federer and Nadal played and won, rather easily and I find their matches quite uninteresting as a result.  But being the big stars theyre on the show courts, on the TV.  Shame the really exciting matches (with a slighty lower standard of tennis perhaps) between more evenly matched and ranked players (usually the women's matches tbh, as most the top seeds like to offer poor play to make matches interesting for the crowds) are relegated to the (metaphorical) back rooms of the tournament.  The German fella Reister had not even played a top 50 player before beating Lopez in the first round was now up against world number one Roger Federer.  Lady commentator said it would be like taking you final exam at degree level without having done your GCSEs first. 
Commentators actually giving some useful comments, as, when they weren't constantly babbling about how much the men are using the drop shot these days which is really only interesting if you also say why that is significant, they also discussed the seeding.  Used to be top 16 were seeded then they extended this to top 32.  Since seeds aren't gonna play each other in the first few rounds, they are protected, and the more seeds the more protected since the highest ranked player a seed can meet is rank 33 instead of 17.  Commentators seemed to think this meant duller matches in the first few rounds (well yeah when you only play really obvious ones is my biting retort), which is true but mainly it just further protects top players.  Ive blogged before about the ways top players are sheltered from the harsh realities of tennis life, and the commentators sunk back into banality when they gushed about Federer's semi final record of 23 consecutively.  A good record yes, but they failed to see the link between the record and the fact that he doesnt have to play anyone until the semis.  How about Nadal V Federer in the first round, what about the fans who want to see a Roger Rafa final, well what about he fans who can't afford to pay to see a Roger Rafa final. 

Defending champ Kusnetsova was beated by Kirilenko, wasn't shown, didn't see it.  Really she should have lost in the last round when her opponent had several match points against her.  Andy Murray beat Bagdhatis, didn't really have to do much, despite Murray looking tired and dull (such a change from normal I know) Bagdhatis made too many errors and really gave him the win.  And Tsonga beat De Boekker. (Dutch guy I think, they only showed the last few games).

And today, Serena Williams beat Petrovenkovic (ok, I just made that up, but they all have the same name), despite losing the second set 0-6, called the doctor on and took some tablets.  Everyone very concerned, she didnt look ill to me.  Andy Roddick lost in straight sets to Gabeshvilli, which is a shame but clays not his thing ans we all know it.  Currently rather pretty French fave Rezai  (with Iranian descent apparently) who beat Venus Williams a few weeks ago to win a tournament, is on court against Petrova.  She's wearing an odd gold/black dress I can't decide if it works or not, definately another one of these that looks like it should be on the way to an 1980's party.  It's the lame I think. Designed by an Iranian designer, who also has dual nationality so they get along very well.  According to lady commentator.

They stopped their match at 9:45 last night at 7-6, 6-4, 7-7.  Petrova has just broken and is serving for the match.  But Rezai breaks back and its 8-8. Oh Petrova breaks again.  This would be exciting if I cared, and/or was paying attention. Petrova wins 7-6, 6-4, 10-8. 
More later.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Et cinq...

Well I was there at 10am, leapt out of bed (about two minutes prior), ready and waiting with my litle pink laptop on and BBC Sport on the screen, and what horror did await me?
I mean images of people holding umbrellas signifing rain, not actual umbrellas coming out of the screen.
For the second day in a row:
                                                              RAIN STOPPED PLAY
But don't worry folks, because, just in case you missed it on Monday the first time, and yesterday the three times it was shown, they replayed Andy Murray's match against Richard Gasquet again, three times in fact, again.  I actually couldn't take it physically, it was making me ill.  There must be 17 billion matches being played*, they couldnt buy the rights to show one of those, one that hadn't dominated the airwaves when it was the first time.  To be fair they also replayed a Venus Williams match and yesterday some of Andy Roddicks match, but the words 'we'll go back to the Murray Gasquet match' have been seared into my brain. 
So, you'd be right in suggesting I should find something else to do (yesterday I went to the library so suck on that). 
When the rains finally did stop and play got started towards 3pm BST  (just 5 hours late) Russain Kleybonova (28th seed) beat former champ Ana Ivanovic who showed shes starting to play well again, but serving fairly terribly, and shes got a much nicer dress imo (less of a strange lopsided breast emphasis than the old one).

 Then it was time for Andy Murray again, in case you missed him.  Only time for one game until the rain came, so the replayed the Ivanovic match.  Can't say I care for tennis' poster girl, too many naked posters I think.  Murray came back ouy to lose the second set, and was pushed in the third but won in four sets in the end. 

Andy Roddick, Jalena Jankovic, Elana Dementiava also won, and Sharapova and Henin are a set up but play has been suspended.  Its 10:44pm in Paris so they wont resume until tomorrow. 
Just like me.

*just an estimate, I haven't checked.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Et quatre...

Firstly, sorry no update yesterday, I accidentally posted it to my other blog.  No doubt throwing my legions of fans into confusion...but its all sorted out now.
On to today:

but dont worry because the BBC showed three repeats of the Andy Murray vs Richard Gasquet match, in case you missed it the first time. 
17hrs later when play resumed last years winner Svetlana Kusnetsova played german Petkovic.  Pet should have won in two sets, with four match point chances, but on he brink of an upset the nerves got to her.  From 5-3 up in the second set she lost 9 of the next 10 games.  She did break back in the third set to 4-5 and saved numerous match points against her, except the last naturally.  Alas.  She really should have won.

Also saw Colombian Falla put up quite the old fight against Mr Federer, and he really should have won the first set but didnt, and fell away to a straight sets loss.

And a buch of brits lost in doubles, including my sweet Murray, J.  Sad.

Et troi...

Roddick battled through, played good, then rubbish, then ok, and shot down some aces, and won in five.  But more importantly then that he went to see Iron Man 2 the other day but hasn't seen Iron Man 1- taking a risk there.  And his bikini model wife has done some more bikini modelling, and is currently filming a movie in Hawaii with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler-some kind of mad cap romantic comedy I bet.  Ah where would be without the helpful commentators giving us all the useful information.
Katie O'brien lost, so all the British women are out.
And Safina's out too, but I don't really know what happened because Roddick's mach went on for 17 hours, give or take.  Nadal went through, not surprisingly, but the 18 year old French wildcard Mina he played gave some good tennis before losing in straight sets.  Henin also won but looked more competent than convincing, but she has only been back from retirement for 5 months.
Sharapova won too, slow start but a comfortable win for her in the end.  I quite like her dress this year, first time for everything, although I don't like the colour combination, I do like the little matching jacket.

You have to say she's stylin'.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Et deux...

Today was one of those days to remind me of why sports is aggrevating and unfair, as the better player lost to his tiredness, from winning a title on Saturday.  And stupid Murray was able to come back from two sets down to beat Gasquet (you remember him, from failed a drugs test for cocaine and blamed it on kissing a girl called Pamela) despite not playing as well and muttering to himself in that moody/crazy manner of his. I also blame him for the fact that I wasted four hours today doing very little.
Elena Baltacha also lost (to the 8th seed), didnt see it though as we were in Murray central, apparently she put up quite the old fighteroo in the second set but still lost 6-0, 7-5.  And Katie O'brien is our remaining women in the draw, and she plays tomorrow.  So does Dinara Safina- ontvontvontvontv- must be?
Jelana Jankovic played today and won, but the 'live stream' had ended before her match started...of course if she's not Andy Murray then shes no good for TV.  Andy Roddick and Nadal on tomorrow, I think Nadal will monopolise the media coverage but I also think his match will be nice and quick (well not nice for his opponent but I dont even know his name so I dont care, Ill wait until tomorrow to humanise him).

Another piece of French Open news is that they are thinking of moving from Roland Garros in Paris so they can expand- they only have 20 acres now poor babies (ok US Open has 35, and Wimby and Oz has 50 apparently).  John LLoyd says you have to move on, or change or something...which seems like a weak reason for a 600 million Euro project...

Roll on the morrow...

C'est Paris, n'est pas?

There is the entirety of five years of french for you... and theres some stuff about my pencil case but never mind that.

It's the French Open for the next two weeks:
Day One gone:
Anne Keothothongs out already, she went down 6-2 6-2 which is four games better than last year so way to go Anne, Elena Balacha and Andy Murray on court tomorrow, and Katie O'briens in the mix too.
Last years winner Svetlana Kusnetzova won in rubbish style, last years finalist Robin Soderling also won in much better style. The hottest Latvian around Ernest Gulbis (apparently his father is one of the richest men in Latvia and Ernest has serious playboy potential) is out, and Venus Williams beat Patty Schnyder. Shame I like Patty's hair, and game.

Probably the most shocking thing so far...
Venus Williams outfit- actually not that shocking since her and Serena have past form in wearing inappropriate evening wear to tennis matches, when I say inappropriate I mean it would be wrong in every context, apart from possible a cocktail party thrown by a corrupt police chief who's being paid in brown envelopes by a drugs cartel...and its from a world only bad tv could create...

Also I have this thing about people wear black in scorching temperatures, but Im not sure making this dress white would make it look less like lingerie?
Skin coloured shorts for added effect.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing Dinara Safina and Jelena Jankovic- Safina not til Tuesday, but Janko is tomorrow me thinks.  All fingers crossed for a televised court...