Sunday, 30 May 2010

Et huit...

Well the big news is thatt Andy Murray is out in straight sets to Thomas Berdych.  I say 'big news' because everyone seemed to have already given him the title (although constantly refering to Nadal and Federer as the favorites at the same time).  Anyone with sense saw he was outplayed in the first round, he was challenged in the second, and lost a set 0-6 to Baghdatis in the third.  Right from the beginning of this match he looked tired and miserable (Ive started to get good at spotting the difference between this and Murray's normal attitude/expression, its slight but its there).  He was moving slower and making errors against a good player he was hitting his groundstrokes well and had bounces of energy.  Wasnt a surprise that he quickly wrapped up the first set, was a surprised when he had a break in the second and lost it letting Murray back into the match.  But Murray didnt seem to want it though and gave the break back.  After that the third set seemed a formality, especially as rain stopped play briefly which could only of added to Murray's tiredness.  It seemed late enough to stop the match at that point and pick up in the morning, but they didnt and Murray lost.
The newspapers will be crying about it, but I for one am quite chipper.
Hennis and Sharapova finished their match this morning at a set a piece, and although Sharapova started off very fast taking an early break Henin came back and took the match. Shame really, but Sharapova's serve let her down.  Complaints from everyone about scheduling (why had their match, which had been the most interesting of the day been put on last last night?) but the scheduling had been mad all week, and it was only a womens match after all. 
The biggest actual shock came from Venus Williams (not the dress this time I promise) who lost in straight sets to Petrova.  And people had been talking her up all week.  Saying how well prepared she was, and how well she was playing.  Well similar to Murray she looked listless on court, and never really appeared to be fighting for the win.  Not that I care that much, the Williams sisters bore me at best.
Also Federer won against fellow Swiss Wawrinka, another one against Fed who should have taken a set being a break up but played gutsy shots in the wind (and they went out), and lost the break.  Went to the tie break where a similar thing happened.  In the end it was fairly easy for Federer who wasn't at his best, but didn't need to be.

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