Saturday, 29 May 2010

Et Six...(they speak six, just like us)

Well inconsiderate msn 'friends' went to bed before midnight last night, making me forget about blog updating, and it's you, the fans, that suffer.
So I'll update yesterday, and mention whats ahappening right now.
Yesterday tournament favourites Federer and Nadal played and won, rather easily and I find their matches quite uninteresting as a result.  But being the big stars theyre on the show courts, on the TV.  Shame the really exciting matches (with a slighty lower standard of tennis perhaps) between more evenly matched and ranked players (usually the women's matches tbh, as most the top seeds like to offer poor play to make matches interesting for the crowds) are relegated to the (metaphorical) back rooms of the tournament.  The German fella Reister had not even played a top 50 player before beating Lopez in the first round was now up against world number one Roger Federer.  Lady commentator said it would be like taking you final exam at degree level without having done your GCSEs first. 
Commentators actually giving some useful comments, as, when they weren't constantly babbling about how much the men are using the drop shot these days which is really only interesting if you also say why that is significant, they also discussed the seeding.  Used to be top 16 were seeded then they extended this to top 32.  Since seeds aren't gonna play each other in the first few rounds, they are protected, and the more seeds the more protected since the highest ranked player a seed can meet is rank 33 instead of 17.  Commentators seemed to think this meant duller matches in the first few rounds (well yeah when you only play really obvious ones is my biting retort), which is true but mainly it just further protects top players.  Ive blogged before about the ways top players are sheltered from the harsh realities of tennis life, and the commentators sunk back into banality when they gushed about Federer's semi final record of 23 consecutively.  A good record yes, but they failed to see the link between the record and the fact that he doesnt have to play anyone until the semis.  How about Nadal V Federer in the first round, what about the fans who want to see a Roger Rafa final, well what about he fans who can't afford to pay to see a Roger Rafa final. 

Defending champ Kusnetsova was beated by Kirilenko, wasn't shown, didn't see it.  Really she should have lost in the last round when her opponent had several match points against her.  Andy Murray beat Bagdhatis, didn't really have to do much, despite Murray looking tired and dull (such a change from normal I know) Bagdhatis made too many errors and really gave him the win.  And Tsonga beat De Boekker. (Dutch guy I think, they only showed the last few games).

And today, Serena Williams beat Petrovenkovic (ok, I just made that up, but they all have the same name), despite losing the second set 0-6, called the doctor on and took some tablets.  Everyone very concerned, she didnt look ill to me.  Andy Roddick lost in straight sets to Gabeshvilli, which is a shame but clays not his thing ans we all know it.  Currently rather pretty French fave Rezai  (with Iranian descent apparently) who beat Venus Williams a few weeks ago to win a tournament, is on court against Petrova.  She's wearing an odd gold/black dress I can't decide if it works or not, definately another one of these that looks like it should be on the way to an 1980's party.  It's the lame I think. Designed by an Iranian designer, who also has dual nationality so they get along very well.  According to lady commentator.

They stopped their match at 9:45 last night at 7-6, 6-4, 7-7.  Petrova has just broken and is serving for the match.  But Rezai breaks back and its 8-8. Oh Petrova breaks again.  This would be exciting if I cared, and/or was paying attention. Petrova wins 7-6, 6-4, 10-8. 
More later.

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