Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Et neuf...

Yes, it sounds like enough.  But theres still a week to go.
So yesterday, what happened...
Nadal won against Belucci but Belucci is a name to remember from the looks of it, and possibly for me to learn how to spell properly.  Im not sure Nadal looks anything like as good as a few years ago, but he remains the favourite for the title.  Serena Williams beat a blonde chick whos name Ive forgotten, then impressed the crowd with some lines of rehersed french (J'adore Paris, that kind of thing, not sure how impressive it is to memorise that, and she still remains the women that threatened to kill a line jugde at the US Open), and she looked good and will probably win.  Sigh. 

Novak Djokovic looked very good, apart from his terrible serve which keeps costing him entire sets and how exhausted he looks, and won against his guy whos name Ive also forgotten.  Big time drama as Stosur beat Henin, who hadnt even lost a set since 2004 (although she hasnt played since 2008) until her match against Sharapova (who I though should have won that match). She also hadnt looked that inspiring, although lady commentator said she looked good in practise.

The match I was waiting for was Jelana Jankovic, my fave a few years ago but I hadnt seen her play in ages.  She won 6-4 6-2 so I was pleased, and I thought she played very well.  She's all about defence though so for her its about not making many errors, rather than lots of flashy winners.  I rather liked her dress too.  Very yellow like the sun, with a nice ra-ra frill on the bottom without being inappropriately frilly. 
Oh, its like I was right there taking the picture.
Nope I got it online, and searching for Jelana Jankovic on google got me wondering if Ill ever find a female tennis player who hasnt down sports illustrated swimsuit photos (because the readers of sports illustrated are just a bunch of gals wondering whats new in swim wear this season?), or rather strange pictures of them lounging on sofas, or by tennis courts, in tiny shorts, or just full on nudity (a la that American lass that did Playboy... damn, I went swimming this morning and the chlorines eroded my memory).  Or for that matter a male tennis player whose girlfriend/wife hasn't done sport illustrated (Andy Roddick's wife Brooklyn Dekker) or Maxim (James Blakes wife whos name I dont know) etc.  Venus William's entirely embarrassing dress was an atempt to make tennis sexy (a totally appropriate and necessary goal I'm sure).  Tennis was once a staid, polite, clean, dull sport.  Aquaint British past time, and really rather stuck in the past.  Now its raced into the 21st century with sports psychologists and electrolyte drinks to catch up to the flashier sports, and just to make sure its totally modern its decided to reinforce some ancient gender stereotypes too.

Maybe they'll be an ugly girl in the top ten soon?

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