Thursday, 24 June 2010

The longest match finishes

Gosh, Isner finally won 70-68 in the 5th.  Crazy.  Poor Mahut, looked devastated, Im sure the interview and photos next to the score board cheered him up no end. Well they were both given crystal bowls and 6 crystal champaign flutes, what every young male athlete that has just played an 11hr match wants to lug off court. 
Mahut, who actually never looked tired unlike Isner, was back out later playering doubles with Clement, against Brits Flemming and Skupski- Flemski as they like, for some reason, to be called took the first set on tie break before it was called for bad light.  Da ja vu

My true love (Mahut is just a phase) Jamie Murray also played his mens today with Johnny Marray but lost 15-13 in the 5th (pfft, goalposts have been shifted, by which I mean if it doesnt take 3 days to finish the match youre all pussies) to the top seeds- shame, so close.  I dont know if hes playing in mixed doubles, but I hope. 

Also, heres what happens when you make everyone wear white- they all dress the same, even the ones that dress up:
So far, so tennisy.  Much better than that silly clay one. 

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