Sunday, 6 June 2010

Et final-ly...

Probably the weekend of chances... neither final filled up with big draw or expected names (apart from Nadal of course).  The womens final was the most interesting match up with Schiavone against Stosur.  Stosur went in the favourite, with the best form, and had chances early on when she broke Schiavone.  The Italian broke back though as Stosur faltered, Stosur looked better in the second set, although she was broken she broke back and it went to a tie break.  But it was too little too late really, as the first Italian women to win a grand slam, first Ittalian women to enter the top ten, and first women since the 1930s to win the title from outside the top ten seed Schiavone was on a roll, looking like the champion from the start of the tie break.  She won in straight sets.  It was a good match, not a great one as it would have been if Stosur had played her best and fought it out to three sets.  But offering more interest than the usual Williams Vs Williams.  And Schiavone gave a nice, happy, friendly speech afterwards that did not reference any sponsors at all. 

In the mens, and Nadal was the heavy fave but going up against the only man to beat him at the French Open Soderling, a competitive match was expected.  And so it started with Soderling having some chances on Nadals serve early on.  He didnt take them though (half Nadal's brilliance and half some frustrating errors), and it was Nadal who broke first.  Soderling didn't go away but Nadal took the first set 6-4.  The second set had a similar pattern with a competitive start and chances for Soderling but again it was Nadal that broke first, unfortunately for Soderling his impressive serving was down at 41% for this set and he was broken twice.  It would take something spectacular from Soderling now, but he didnt have it in him.  And lost in three sets.  Thats 5 French Opens for the just 24 yr old Nadal, this one without dropping a set.

So a slightly more competitive and interesting womens final, and a less competitive mens.  Federer V Nadal may be predictable but it certainly gives the crowd their moneys worth.  Hmm, I'd like to see some new names around the place personally.  
Queens Club next, tomorrow in fact.  See ya then.

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