Saturday, 26 June 2010

Catch Up

Well court 18 is what its all about- the 17hr epic Mahut Isner first, now Hanescu (no idea) fined for spitting towards the crowd and purposefully double-faulting to lose the game, and then retiring 'injured'.  Thats about £10,000 in fines BTW. 
Ive seen the footage, and unsolicited projectile bodily fluids are always disgusting, and this is no exception.
Roddick, Federer, Nadal, Murray are through, Sharapova, Williams(s), Henin, Clijsters, as well.  And a bunch of others. who knows.
Im quite pleased I saw my lovely Murray, J play, alas he has shaved his sexy beard and was cheered on my his girlfriend.  Where do the Murray men meet these pretty ladies? At least her hair is much less annoying than Kim, bleuh.  But he lost in both the mens and mixed doubles.  Shame.  I still love him, I have not lost hope. 
He was close to beating the mens top seeds the other day, who ended up losing to Brtis Eaton and Ignot (or something), lots of Brits playing mens doubles these days.   How lovely.
I think the tournaments going quite well so far.

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