Saturday, 3 July 2010

Finals day

Currently watching Vera Zvonareva against Serena Williams in the Ladies Final, Im rooting for Vera obviously- serena is obnoxious, always nice for an underdog to win, Vera hitting partner/coach is one of the prettiest men ever, and she rocking the name Vera. 
A lot of my faves went out early, and a lot like Safina and Demtieva didnt even arrive due to injury. But I have faith in the plucky russian.
Tomorrow Nadal takes on Berdych, Berdych beat Federer then Djockovic- which is a shame cos I wanted Djocko to win.  He has awsome comedy 70s cartoon hair.  And Nadal beat Murray yesterday, which the nation mourned, and I jollied.  Although did feel sorry for him that they interviewed him about 17 times after he lost (why did you lose andy? why why why?), ah leave the boy alone. 
So the womens final interests me more, Nadals already won and Ive never been his biggest fan, and this Berdych fellas is a Mr Nobody to me.  Seems dull.
We'll see.

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