Friday, 4 June 2010

Et whatevs...

I dont know what it is, but at this point in the tournament I start to get rather bored of it.  Perhaps 15 days of non stop tennis is too much? Or perhaps because my faves always lose in week one? Hard to pick between Stosur or Schiavone in tomorrows womens final, Im edging for Stosur but I couldnt tell you why.  And Soderling who beat Berdych in 5 long sets of topsy turver tennis against Rafa Nadal who surprised no one by winning against Meltzer (got to feel for the guy, 29 years old, never made it past the third round of a grand slam before now in Semis and he plays Nadal), although did surprise though commentating devils when he failed to serve out the match in the third set and allowed Meltzer to take it into a tie break, which Nadal won. 
Soderling is still the only man to beat Nadal in the French Open ever, so not sure if he exactly qualifies as the underdog? But he has more underdog potential than Rafa so I'm leaning for him.  Although its hard to dislike Nadal, he makes it so hard, and Im pretty good at disliking someone.  Compare his polite 'merci merci merci' to the ball boy getting him water and Andy Roddick's sarcastic 'its so hard to get right' to the poor french hcild who had misunderstood his english requests. Also today when asked about the final, he replied (and I'm paraphrasing here) if Soderling wins just congratulate him.  Which is just so darn nice, although may be a mistranslation?
Anyway, roll on the weekend so we can all get back to our lives...until Queens club...

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