Thursday, 3 June 2010

Et trieze...

Well, top seed Serena Williams (and favourite for the title after Henin was taken out by Stosur) was taken out by Stosur in the quarter finals.  Dumped out if you read the papers, of course you don't your sophisticated people of the e-world, but I'm not sure why the surprise as she had taken out some rather good players with some rather good play.  And moving into the Semis she also took out 4th seed Jelana Jankovic (shame, her pretty, sunny, yellow dress couldnt help her.  It has a matching jacket too).  For once the four women in the semi finals were not past grand slam winners, which meant it was a great opportunity for each of them.  But it rather got the better of Jelana who hasnt been in a semi since 2008 US Open when she got to the final. 
She didnt have a lot of time to prepare for her match though as the previous semi finished rather early. 

Dementieva who had beaten Petrova in the quarters looked in charge of the first set against Schiavone, who had taken out third seed Wozniaki in the quarters.  She was up a break when the poor serving came and she lost her way, and the set.  Then she retired.  All a bit of a surprised.  Turns out it was a thigh problem.
Still it will be Stosur against Schiavone.  Who would have thunk it?

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