Friday, 20 November 2009

Changes and waitings

Can you even recognise the place?
Ive changed the picture, changed the poll, added a RSS feed thingamy, and added some suggestion comments at the bottom of posts.
Its a brave new world.
Tennis wise- not much on- still waiting for tour finals to start the sunday coming, although now Andy Roddick has pulled out with a wonky knee or something does anyone really care? Roger wins well he's won everything, Murray wins well he's a twat, Djokovic wins and hes quite cute but a bit whiny, Nadal could win which would please my sister, and Del Potro could win and he's quite tall.  I haven't like Roger (did I tell you this?) since he beat Roddick at Wimby (when he didn't deserve to) and then staggered around with 15 on his jumper (cos he's won 15 slams, ya see? and cos his sponsors just 'gave it to him', ya know, and he's the most successful tennis player around, practically ever and he obviously couldn't say no to them). I'm leaning towards Del Potro because he beat Roger at the US Open or Djoko Because he's keeping Murray from moving up the rankings. 
Jamie Murray's moved up a few places, not back into top 100 yet but closing in.  Hurrah.  It pleases me. 
Just look at his website- if that's not a Just Seventeen pin-up waiting to happen (if that particular publication still existed) I don't know what is.
Well that's all from me until Sunday (for the Tour Finals- you forgot about it didn't you) when I'll at me watching-tennis-live-best

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