Thursday, 18 March 2010

So Long Lloydy

I can't say I ever thought Lloydy is a great nickname.  Too many Ls, too many Ys.
Od.  That's what's left, that's what it is.

Well anyway the Davis Cup captain of the past 4years (3 wins, 5 losses) has resigned.  And while it may be 5 ties too late, as least he had the good grace to go (I'm thinking of you McClaren), although it is days after he asked for LTA chief Draper to be kicked out.   Jamie Baker, who is Scottish as he has not won anything, was supposed to lose with the rest of them in the recent Tie against Lithuania, but hurt his ankle, does not want Draper to go. He thinks the investments of the LTA needs times to bear fruit and (I quote):
"I'm worried we could lose out in another, far more significant, contest: the blame game." This is now my fave quote, although I'm suspicous and think someone must have written it for him.

Well Andy Murray wants some say in it (that would be a say in the running of the tournament that he wont play anymore because they've dropped too low and he's too good for it 'No One-whine-Tells Federer-sulk- To Play').
Tim Henman has ruled himself out (did anyone care/ask/care?)
Mark Petchy (Murray Jnr former coach, who said Murray dropped after he got all famous, he split with his next coach through his agent, clearly a man who should be allowed a say ) wont work with Draper under the current regime- no I have no idea which regime that is? Could the LTA be espousing the values of Stalinist Russia? Apparently Petchy thinks Draper has spend tonnes/tons of money (in the squillions) and achieved nothing, let us please continue to measure our worth as people based on our performance in the Tennis Davis Cup. 
Greg Rusedski- who is the Talent and Performance Director at the LTA (raise eyebrows) is in line for job, which may be why Murrat wants some say in it? Rusedski BTW retired from Tennis, then wanted to return a few years later but wasn't let in the team by Lloydy.

Anywa, not that anyone's asked but- I would totally be up for the job.  If the hours were right...

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