Sunday, 30 January 2011

And its all over

The finals have played out, the results are in, absolutely no surprises.

Li Na played Kim Clijsters in the womens singles final, and although she dropped the first 9 points (bit nervy apparently, I don't know I was showering at the time) Li came back and won the first set.  She dazzled with amazing speed that meant she got to every ball Clijsters hit, and created some exciting rallies.  There were a few breaks in the second set before Clijsters closed it out 6-3 now playing better and putting pressure on Li Na, the first Chinese women (and at 28 something of antiquity) to get to a Grand Slam final ever.  Clijsters became more aggressive in the third set and some unforced errors, as well as silly line judgements from Li, meant she won the third set and the Championship.  3-6 6-3 6-3.

Li gave a short and amusing runner up speech (the best kind) which Kim gave a long, dull, speech thanking the sponsors as well as the 75 people in her box.  Does anyone else find her agressively dull?  I was really rooting for Li. :(  Oh well she took it all with humour and grace, and a smile on her face.  Unlike someone else...

Novak Djokovic against Andy Murray was, on paper, a close match.  Friends from childhood, haven't played in years, only 2 places away in the rankings, both have crazy fans, every one was saying it could go either way.  Lies all lies.  Of Course Novak was the favourite, he won this tourny in 2008, took out Federer in the semis here then and now, as well as last years US Open, and won the Davis Cup (with his team), and he much more attractive than Murray.   The first set was a tight, tense one though, although it finished 6-4 to Novak it took an hour including a 15 minute opening service game from Murray.  After that it was fairly one way traffic, Djok played super well while Murray's strategy seemed to be miss all your first serves and look really negative and miserable. 

The second set could have gone 6-0 but Murray held his serve at 5-0, then managed to break Novak, as he began to be more aggressive as his task became more hopeless, also Novak probably lost a little concentration as he was crusing it at this point.  He won the set 6-2, there were a couple of breaks in the third as Andy played more aggressively on Novaks service games but failed to hold his own, and Djokovic won it and the Championships.  6-4, 6-2, 6-3.

Also British Peter Norfolk lost in the final of the wheelchair singles, if you're thinking we can never win anything Ill have you know that Norfolk is extremely successful.  He has won four Australian Opens, two Olympic golds, one silver, and one bronze, and French Open singles and doubles titles, has been number one in the world, currently number two (oh yeah, he's 50!), also an OBE and MBE.  Shame that he is relagated to a papragraph in the disability sport section. :(

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