Tuesday, 24 May 2011

French Latest

Heather Watson
It may be day three but we're still in round one at Le Frenche Opene.  Nothing super interesting to report- Cilic is out, Keothothong is out, Murray is through as are Federer and Djokovic (Nadal currently in super tough 5 setter with Isner), Ivanovic is out, Heather Watson is through, Jankovic, Sharapova, and Stosur are through.  The outfits this year have been delightfully multi-coloured and I thought I'd share some. :)

Jelena Jankovic in pink.
Caroline Wozniaki in dark blue

Zheng Jie in light blue

Students from Ecole de Military or something.

Nadal in light blue and muscles
Ana Ivanovic in pink and green

Anne Keothothong rocking orange

Rezai in black and pink

Monfils who is kinda like the Ian Poulter of Tennis imo


  1. BBC or Eurosport?

  2. I have been watching on BBC interactive on the computer, some of the pics are from BBC and others are from the French Open website.

  3. Fair enough. I wasn't asking so I could mount a legal challenge on behalf of Eurosport. I mentioned it only to see if you had a preference as far as commentators/match choice goes. Personally, I always try and watch Eurosport as they cover tennis all through the year with the same team of experts and presenters. The BBC, in contrast, cherry-picks two or three popular events, make too much fuss about The State of British Tennis and wheel out block-heads like John LLoyd who spend the rest of the year playing golf in California. Loyalty to a corporation is, of course, the ultimate absurdity, but a part of me feels that I ought to reward Eurosport for their year-long commitment to tennis, their advocacy of WTA events no-one ever attends and the discerning, pithy, abiding presence of that seven-times grand slam winner - Mats Wilander.

    And, of course, it is free and does not carry a license fee.

  4. Well firstly I agree John Lloyd is a block-head who aggravated me greatly as Davis Cup Captain.
    I also despair that the BBC have hired Henman as commentator- he has to be the worst? But thankfully he isn't doing the French Open.

    Mats Wilander is likable but this does not make up for annoyingness of Frou McMilan (sp?)who seems convinced that all women do is steal their husbands credit cards and go shopping.

    Normally I watch my tennis on Eurosport as they show a lot more than the BBC, but in some ways it's unfair to criticise the BBC for this as they have so much other programming to schedule and are definately showing more tennis in the past few years than they used to.

    I have been using the BBC website to watch so that I can watch on my laptop in the kitchen where I am doing some other work as well.

    Is Eurosport free, we get ours from a hefty Virgin media package...

  5. Yes, I had forgotten all about Frou (spelled Frew - I just looked him up). You are right: he is an ass. Mark Petchy is usually very good, I think, and so is Barry Cowan. Petchy, in particular, is turning into an outstanding analyst. Rusedksi is acceptable, I suppose, but often a bit annoying. He has a particular liking for the word "dictate" and always places the emphasis, very weightily, on the first syllable. DICK - tate.

    Henman? I know what you mean. If he talked a bit more, I feel he might be quite insightful. But that is the problem at the moment: he is too tactful and reserved to offer much more than the usual platitudes. But that may change if they give him another ten years or so and a violent personal tragedy forces brings some grit to his personality.

    Eurosport is part of freeview, so it is free if you have freeview. But not, unfortunately, on the internet: for that, you have to pay. Speaking of which: you must have a much better laptop than me if you can watch tennis on it. With mine,you can only see the ball every other shot. A pixelated twinkle, it materialises somewhere over the service box and disappears again when it meets Sharapova's scream.

  6. Ha ha yes, I watch The Match- Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon final on my old crappy computer because I had no TV and had to watch the tiny sized screen because the ball was entirely invisible midshot otherwise!