Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Semi Final Line Up

I made my own illustrated draw sheet to show the singles Semis:

Took me way too long to do this...and you can't even read the names properly, sigh...


  1. Do you think Federer has a chance against Djokovic? I noticed he has been playing his usual mind-games in post-match interviews: Novak has a lot more to lose than me, he has a lot going on right now, I don't have anything to prove.....and so on. Usually, this means he is worried and this time I suspect there is every reason to be.

    My feeling, for what it is worth, is that Federer has a decent chance if he plays freely and aggressively. But I am far from convinced that he will. He hasn't looked comfortable in a high-pressure match since the world tour finals in December. He gets jittery on key points and makes far too many unforced errors.

    But then again, Djokovic must have a slump at some point.....surely.

    We shall have to see.......

  2. Alas I have a job so have not been able to see much of the tennis from the last few days but from the results I find it hard to see Djok losing. I think Fed still has the stuff to beat him but you're right his mental discipline is not what it used to be, Djok's on the other hand is better than ever.