Saturday, 19 September 2009

Davis Cup again?!!

Why, yes once more it is Davis Cup time boys and girls, although I dont think this the final...or maybe it is...or it is for some teams but not others...or something.  Irrelavent anyway as Britain are playing to prevent further relegation.   But its always nice to see tennis on TV and doubly nice to see doubles.  The athletic overbending to reach impossible lobs, the superhuman flicks of the wrist to chip and win, the rush to the net and so on.  So  much more exciting than the singles, Im sure we all agree...or perhaps not. 

Because doubles tennis is so often relegated to tea-time matches on untelevised courts for a fraction of the money and glory.  These days they don't even play best of 3 sets but 2 sets and a tie-break.  A silly way to make the macthes shorter and fit it around the real tennis- mens singles of course.  I hate the new formula but maybe its just me and the players love it.  We'll never know of course because their comments are never reported.   I don't claim to love doubles as much as singles, how could I - I never get to see it.  As most people in Britain I see doubles a little at Wimbledon and in Davis Cup.  Which makes the doubles match in Davis Cup ties all the more significant.  How nice to see real doubles players playing real doubles...

The fact that half the British team was made up with a singles player undermined this slightly.  Where was Jamie Murray?  After seeing Murray/Hutchins on the list I harboured dilluded hopes of seeing my fave fuzzy haired scot- but no.  Big J (as I like to call him) has not been at his best lately and seen his ranking drop from around 27 at the early part of the season to around 130.  So our pathetic excuse for a Davis Cup Team was lead, anchored, and messiah-ed by A Murray (my least fave fuzzy haired scot).  With all the constant prattle about making a sustainable Davis Cup Team and not a 1 man show, this Liverpool tie seem determined to put on a remarkable 1 man show.

Not down to the genius of Murray Jnr(despite what the commentators say, and if Andy would just let them all have a fresh A4 picture to take to bed, as the old copies have started to wear), but the fact that they decided to put him in 3 matches and talk non stop about him.  Andy Castle (former tennis player, part-time GMTV presenter, and current commentator) let it be known that Andy Murray was the only 'world class player' out there. The fact that the Polish doubles team have played 20 ties and are ranked in the top ten is apparently meaningless. Surprise Surprise they Polish team have just won in 4 sets, as they were clearly the better team, even if they can't quite walk on water like Andy probably can.

Dan Evans also lost his first singles game (which means he'll probably have to win the 5th and final match of the tie for Britain to win). I wonder who exactly picked him.  I mean maybe hell go on to do great things, but I miss Alex Bogdanovic.  At least Bogo gave you 5 sets of excellent tennis before he lost.  If the Davis Cup team want to produce a good performance, or really shake things with a win, they need to cultivate a real team.  Or alternatively forfeit the other two singles matches, and have the other guys carry Andy Murray out on a throne??  But as Andy doesnt seem to be able to play 3 matches without hurting his wrist or bruising his knee.  Maybe they should find a couple of doubles players to play the doubles?

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