Saturday, 24 October 2009

Became a bit of a numbers game...

I think the ATP World Tour Finals in London next month (to give its full name) will be exciting, its in London and will actually be shown on actual TV channels, that I actually own (actually to be more acurate and even more exciting it will be on free to air channels, that you don't need to 'own', although you do need to pay for licence, but our landlord takes care of that...anyhoo...).  The Finals (to give an abbreviated name, so that I can get down to business and not waste precious time and energy on excess wordage) are a sort of climax to the year. 

Sort of in the sense that it is the top 8 men (the women going to Doha this year) who have worked hard all year to raise and maintain their rankings will compete against each other.  The best 8 men in the world will battle to determine the best player.  Although by this time in the year there is a sense of tiredness and ennui about the whole thing (if I correctly understand the meaning of ennui), and perhaps because of this it doesn't have the same importance as a Grand Slam (the holy grail), or a Masters event (the next level down and really rather lucrative.  Although The Finals 'let players earn'/ give away stupid money: $5 million total prize money).

One aspect I can't decide whether I like or dislike, whether it increases the suspense or diminishes it: players can guarantee their places months before The Finals take.  At the moment the top 6 men have already qualified, they have amassed enough points so that no one can knock them out of the top 8 before the end of the season. Although there remain two spots up for grabs and its all to play for the 3 or 4 players competing for those places (increased suspense), the top 6 are basically the same top 6 we've had all year. When top players compete the tennis might be good but does it matter that much who wins?  I mean do you want to see the top players who have been winning everything all year, winning something else?

I started this by saying The Finals would be exciting, and I think they will be- but maybe thats because Ive hardly seen any tennis this year.  Im looking for a Roddick vs Del Potro in the final in The Finals.

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