Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sporting behaviour

So Agassi's been surfing high on the ol' CM (I have no idea what the street name for Crystal Meth is, it seems unlikely that's its CM, but maybe thats what The Meth* does,  makes you really boring and unoriginal?  Would explain the latter half of Agassi's career... Apparently it was cut by his assisstant Slim (enough said I think), in 1997.  He then lied to the ATP drug testers when he failed a drug's test, saying he accidentally drank one of Slim's spiked drinks.

He has graciously offered this information in his new autobiography (yes, one wasn't enough).  It raises some interesting questions, with obvious answers- like will he lose the titles he won (including grand slams) after the failed drgus test, as you would if you admitted using a performancing enhancing drug rather than a recreational drug (that's what they call them), and the answer is no obvious there would be outcry- he's a great legend, he's done such good things for the sport, he workd with children, he's confessed, just let sleeping dogs lie.  The confession angle is an interesting one, as if it absolves all guilt.  The fact that he lied about it at the time, and has confessed in a book hes trying to sell may slightly undermine this point just a bit.

My personal opinion (well its my blog, so I guess its all my personal opinion, and I just try to pretend like Im objective) is that it would be nice if there was some sense of dissappointment from the usual tennis-ers who will be asked to comment, for the following reasons. 
1.There would be for anyone otehr than Agassi
2.I just know there wont be for Agassi
3.They have to answer questions about Agassi's drug taking, instead of their tennis, in their press conferences, and isn't that just a bit annoying??
4.They also have to take drug tests, and most accept this necessary inconvenience to maintain the integrity of the sport
5.Agassi's revalation only serves to undermine the integrity of the sport, and sell his book

I don't suggest that recreational drugs are as bad as performancing enhancing drugs, in terms of tennis, but it's still clearly against the rules, and he compounded his actions by lying to the ATP officials.   He has said he felt his career was on the line, but for a recreational drug he would only have served a 3 month ban- hardly his career.  Anyway, one can only hope nobody reads the papers for a while and the story dissappears...And maybe they can finally talk about tennis for once?

*oooh much better name, and I always call things The..., why didnt I think of it?

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