Sunday, 31 January 2010

Not got rid of the monkey yet

Sorry Ive been away, but the tennis got boring, all the interesting/nice people went out.
Womens final saturday- Henin against Williams, S and Serena took it. Shame, with Safina, Jankovic, Baltacha, Clijsters, etc out I was hoping Henin could beat horrid Serena (remember the US open, fined for threatening to kill a line judge tut tut), but alas no.  She was out for 20months, never real explained why, but she did a reality show and who can resist thaty temptation anymore? Now back and a wild card into Australia- you have to play 3 tournaments to get a ranking, shes only played 2 so she is unranked.   But will be at least top 40 when she does.
And the Fed (who Ive re warmed too since he made a joke about Murray being under pressure becuase Britain hasnt had a GS winner for 150 thousand years) just beat Murray who I deemed rather pathetic during the match, really really one sided (although you know Henin getting to a final will raise more eyebrows about the state of womens game than Murray capitulating to Fed).  I just temporarally warmed to Murray as he cried a bit during his concession speech but made a joke that he can cry like Federer but not play like him (cos Fed cried so much he couldnt speak, which I found annoying).  He broke up with his girlfriend, Murray that is Fed is babbling about his daughters and the camera is focused on his wife who looks happy with life.  Emotionally, funny, rich and single...hmmmm
No its past (dodgy facial hair is a deal breaker in my book).

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