Friday, 8 January 2010

Talking Tennis

Oh me oh my, how long its been.
Yes the tennis season is well under way, matches for this year started even before the end of the last one.
But my internet has been down for over a week- life is really not worth living- and Ive finally made it to the library to go wifi.
Laura Robson and Murray the younger have made it to the final of the Hopman Cup- its a tournament no one cares about where one man and one women from each country play together.  I think shes been losing her matches, but then they only seem to have played two rounds to get into the final. 
Murray has also been on the defensive- defending himself from criticism I wouldnt have known about had he not started defending himself.  Hes not going to play Davis Cup in the next tie- to give younger players the chance to compete says the 22 year old.  Which is absolutely what they should do- see my previous rants, but we all knew he wasnt going to play this tie, its all the commentators at the last tie were talking about. 
Robin Soderling beat Roger Federer for the first time in about 500 tries, shame it was in another tournament no one cares about- where was it at the French Open Rob? Federer's ok though, he and Nadal (still wearing sleeves) are into the final of Abu Dhabi.  Its all middle eastern at the start of the year.
Not long until the Australisn Open though.  January 18th.  Ill be there (be there I mean here obviously, without TV tennis, and chances are without internet too) bringing all the news this side of the time difference.
Bye for now.

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