Thursday, 27 May 2010

Et cinq...

Well I was there at 10am, leapt out of bed (about two minutes prior), ready and waiting with my litle pink laptop on and BBC Sport on the screen, and what horror did await me?
I mean images of people holding umbrellas signifing rain, not actual umbrellas coming out of the screen.
For the second day in a row:
                                                              RAIN STOPPED PLAY
But don't worry folks, because, just in case you missed it on Monday the first time, and yesterday the three times it was shown, they replayed Andy Murray's match against Richard Gasquet again, three times in fact, again.  I actually couldn't take it physically, it was making me ill.  There must be 17 billion matches being played*, they couldnt buy the rights to show one of those, one that hadn't dominated the airwaves when it was the first time.  To be fair they also replayed a Venus Williams match and yesterday some of Andy Roddicks match, but the words 'we'll go back to the Murray Gasquet match' have been seared into my brain. 
So, you'd be right in suggesting I should find something else to do (yesterday I went to the library so suck on that). 
When the rains finally did stop and play got started towards 3pm BST  (just 5 hours late) Russain Kleybonova (28th seed) beat former champ Ana Ivanovic who showed shes starting to play well again, but serving fairly terribly, and shes got a much nicer dress imo (less of a strange lopsided breast emphasis than the old one).

 Then it was time for Andy Murray again, in case you missed him.  Only time for one game until the rain came, so the replayed the Ivanovic match.  Can't say I care for tennis' poster girl, too many naked posters I think.  Murray came back ouy to lose the second set, and was pushed in the third but won in four sets in the end. 

Andy Roddick, Jalena Jankovic, Elana Dementiava also won, and Sharapova and Henin are a set up but play has been suspended.  Its 10:44pm in Paris so they wont resume until tomorrow. 
Just like me.

*just an estimate, I haven't checked.