Friday, 13 August 2010

Good ol' eurosport

The tennis world is gearing up for the US Open, and tournaments atm are part of the US Open series.  Makes sense.  The women are in Cinncinati- poor Dinara Safina who came so close to winning 3 grand slams (nerves got her) before taking ages off witha a back injury thats pushed her from 1 to 35 in the rankings, she won her first match, but lost the second to Clijsters. 

Clijsters somehow managed to beat Flavia Pannetta (who I was hoping would win because I followed her a while back when she was playing super well and got to 11 in the world, and would have been the first Italian women in the top ten but slipped down and will now drop out of the top 20.  Schiovone, of course, became the first Italian women in the top ten when she won the French Open this year (hasnt done much since though)) today despite incredible heat (36 degree c plus) and squandering numerous set points along the way. 

She'll take on Ana Invanovic,another one who was on top of the world after winning the French Open in 2008 before suffering a severe tennis breakdown (pressure got her) and slipping to outside the top 60, who played well today against someone Ive never heard of and whose name I cant remember, but who took out Jankovic in the last round.  (Jankovic also, was ranked number one in the world end of 2008 was defo gonna win a GS in 2009, but didnt, and is starting to put it together this year, slow going though).

Sharapova on the slow road to recovery beat Radwanska (who was beated by Kusnetsova in the final of the tournament I watched last week), and takes on girl whos name I dont know who beat Wickmayer (who I sort of remember from wimbledon, do i? do i?)  Anyway, 3 out 4 in the semis are people Ive heard of- not bad.

And Murray, A is gonna meet Nadal in the semi of Toronto, and Federer is up against the guy who beat him at wimbledon; Berdych.  Oooh Ive heard of all 4 of them.  Ah boys win.  But lose several points for not being on tv.

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