Monday, 30 August 2010

What an eventful day

Well, first of all Jamie Murray is apparently engaged and getting married in October, Im not going to see the ATP Tour Finals until November and therefore won't have any chance to meet him, seduce him, and break up the relationship before they get hitched.  I'm heartbroken, natch, but I console myself that young marriages break up all the time...

In other news- I'm going to see the ATP Tour Finals (which you may have gathered) with my friend Emily.  Which is very exciting, the top 8 men in singles and doubles will be there so youre almost guaranteed good tennis but we wont find out who well be seeing until a few days before. Emily hopes for Nadal, I hope Jamie Murray races up the rankings from 90 ish to 8th in two months and plays the doubles, but he'll probs be honeymooning anyway :(

Anyway, in actual tennising news: the US Open has started!!! woo.  I do like it as a tournament, makes me think of the 90's when New York was this foreign, magical, sophisticated place that existing in a parallel universe set five hours behind but lightyears ahead of us.  I think for me, winning away from home would be better than winning at home- if you win the US Open you know it, all the lights, the music, the atmosphere, the crowds.  Good news, some wins Im pleased about so not too much griping today.  Elena Baltacha (British number one, ranked 57) won her first round match 6-2 6-2 by beating Martic who beat her at wimbledon, but shell play Kvitova who got to the wimby semis in round two.  Andy Roddick won his match against some french guy (its not Mahut, I dont care) on his 28th birthday, isnt he old now? 6-3 6-2 6-2, quite comfortable it seems.  Davydenko won easily, but Soderling (got to French Open final 2009) took 5 sets, as did Monfils against Robert Kendrick (whose American and good looking, very Californian surfer looks if you like that kind of thing, and has a habit of occasionally playing really well against top players, like taking Nadal to 5 sets a few years back).   On the womens side Schiavone (won French Open this year, and about one match since) won her match, as did 24th seed Hantuchova who beat Dinara Safina :(  Super sad for Saffy, dropped down to 70, now up to 50 and today swaeted out a straight sets loss (about 35degrees C), putting in maximum effort for minimum reward she looked to be having a total melt down (unintentional puns aplenty), shouting and screaming after every point.  And the new noise she makes on serve sounds painful, no wonder she was off for so long with a poorly back.  Sam Stosur (who lost the French Open final) is currently struggling against Vesnina, despite playing excellently for most of the first set, but lost 6-3. Turned it around in the second set but let Vesnina back in. On serve at 6-5....

Anne Koethoathong plays tomorrow, while Murray Junior (Big J not playing, off in a tournament in Italy according to his incoherent twitter ramblings) doesnt play until Wednesday.  Thats how they do it New York style, theyll be playing first rounds two weeks from now but somehow manage to fit it all in.

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