Wednesday, 1 September 2010

When the going gets tough

Well, the suns got to some of the top players and seeds are falling out of the tournament all over the place.  Djocovic, Fish, and Soderling were taken to five sets, and Jankovic and Sharapova to three.  But they won.  Berdych (wimbledon finalist remember, hes very tall), Bagdahtis (he got to Aussie Open final a few years back) and Ljubicic (dunno, but hes a seed and was beaten by a teenage american so itll be big news over the atlantic). Even Nadal was taken to two tie break sets, I was priviledged enough to be unemployed and therefore home in the middle of the day so I could watch the match highlights and Teymuraz Gabashvili gave good tennis for the first two sets.  BTW Teymraz Gabashvili is no where near as exotic as his name would suggests, rather disappointing, he could have been called Steve Smith really.  Nadal on the other hand looks exactly as a Nadal should, although hes cut his hair to a sensible length now. Apparently Nadal means Christmas in Catalan, a commentator said so- not sure if its true or where this mysterious land of Catalonia is.

So Baltacha is in the second round, playing tonight, and so is Murray who beat some random in the first round, really hes ranked and seeded fourth so if he doesnt get to the semi hes underacheived, still we're all giddy that hes won.  Anne Keothovong however lost her first round match 6-1 2-6 2-6, shame she had a treatment for her foot in the match but mainly it was a missed opportunity.  She said afterwards that she isnt playing as well as a few years ago (her ranking is almost 100 places lower) and shell have to reassess her future (was a 35 second clip so I dont have any more info for you).  And my lovely Mahut, who lost in third round of qualifying for singles is playing doubles this evening too. Hes already down 1-5 in the first set.  Hmm. Mahut then Baltacha on court 6- defo the place to be. 

More importantly, lets judge what people were wearing...

 Unbelievably it was Sharapova was wearing the best dress so far, good thing she won her first round match as apparently she has a different day dress.  Which may make her crazy, or styling...?

I think the colour is nice, although I can see myself in more of a pink number, perhaps a pale blue.  I like the collar and buttons details.  Although I still dont see dresses as sportswear, although a quick google search of Sharapova and Im just glad she kept her clothes on at all.
Ah to Wozniaki who I thought wore a supremely unflattering dress in last years final (both colour and style), and seems to making it a bad habit.  Although not sure which is worse (Left is lasts years, right is this):

To be fair this one is not a pic for the family album, close up action shots seldom bringing out the best in one.  But the new dress has the obligatory bright yellow shorts underneath to match the random yellow straps at the top I suppose...If she wins this year, pictures of her in this odd scuba dress with yellow pants will haunt her through out her career.

Ive read Venus Williams was wearing something odd (surprising I know), but cant seem to find pics, bare with me.  Hmm this is the best I can do...Very tie-dye esque?
Aw, my lovely Mahut has lost 6-1 6-4, playing with Arnauld Clement against the 4th seeds Bhupathi and Mirhyi.  Shame.  Needs to get his ranking up that boy, the Ill be able to watch him in every slam.  And blog accordingly, now Im not really sure I care anymore.  But it does mean Baltachas on next...ooh should I stay up? Decisions...Watch this space.

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