Monday, 6 September 2010

More on Murray, and dress stress.

Theres something about Murray, most of the time hes talked up as the new sliced bread that can walk on water, then he loses a match and suddenly hes wasting his talent and ripe for the taking.  Rather exemplary of the attitude towards British tennis: win a round at wimbledon and youre the new hero, lose in the next and we always knew you would.  I take the opposite approach, most of the time I hate him, then he loses and people are mean to him and feel sorry for him and notice how nicely symetrical his face is these days (his nose is such a nice halfway divider), and he cant be happy with that annoying hair girl really, and ooh lets check how much money hes won shall we (gazillions).   As you may guess, he lost. 

To Stanislav Wawrinka (the good looking womble guy, who apparently has a baby now which is nice), you remember him he lost to Murray at Wimbledon that time.   I watched the live text updates and the highlights, Stan was firing winners a-go-go during the first set and took an early break.  He had 7 aces and about 20 winners to 7 unforced errors, Murray has 0, 6,5 respectively.  Murray broke back though and it went to a tie break which Murray won.  And he broke early in the next set, and it seemed like he would run away with it (this is when I disliked him), but it was a funny topsy turvy game, both having chances in the second set it eventually went tie break, which Stan won.  And the next two sets.  But it was up and down for both, Stan playing more consistently despite needed time out for a thigh cramp.  Murray sounded his usually misery self in press conference although being mpre appropiate than usual this is where I felt sorry for him.

In other news my touchpads broken, but Dell are sending an engineer out tomorrow and have extended my warranty another year (for £60 natch), but theyll also replace my keyboard and so Ill be with T key once more.  I couldnt bring myself to mention the yoghurt in my speaker so Ill leave that for a surprise for the engineer.  Anyway not have a touchpad is highly aggravating, and I feel my blogging productivity has suffered at least 27%.   In other tennis news, Dementiava lost about 15 match points against Stosur before Stosur took it in a third set tie break, shame for Dem (she won the olympic gold medal, but not slams), good for Stosur (she got to the French Open final and was the favourite but rather underperformed).  Shell play Clijsters I believe who beat Ivanovic quite easily, in fact I didnt see any of it because it was over before Eurosport went to air (oh it says its on from 4:45 but its been 5pm all week thankyou very much).  

Today Sharapova (who beat the young American who took out 20th seed Rezai 6-0 6-0) takes on Wozniaki, and Djockovic takes on Fish (not sure who to root for, Fish is playing great and does some nice net work but Djocko has the most awesome hair in tennis).
Its so round.  And the Murray pic is old but a useful comparison IMO.

In other pictures I found a snap of Monfils snazzy shorts, and Venus' other dress (has 7, one for each match apparently, and this year her outfits have been representing a different city for some reason according to the commentators, this time its New York- makes sense).  Its just the sparkly one in pink (ran out of ideas V?). 

Snazzy shorts and snazzy shots.  He totally does this for the cameras.

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