Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wish I was there...

When I went to bed last night Baltacha had just  lost the first set in a tie break, and when I woke up she had lost the second too- I mean I checked the score this morning, not that they played through the night.  But Baltacha is out of the singles alas, but her and Keothavong are still in the doubles (dont think theyre playing together, doubles doesnt really get any press so I dunno).  And Roddick's out, beaten by Tipsaravic who was gonna be tough, but then Andy shouted at a lineswoman over a foot fault (at least Serena got to the semis before acting like a buffoon (new word, trying it out) Andy's just gott himself back in the top ten following a bout of mono and now hes out of the US Open in the second round.  Luckily he only got to the third round last year so he wont lost many points, Emily and I want to see him at the Tour Finals.

Anyway, Zvonerava just won her match (I like her), ditto Kusnetsova, Fish, and Gasquet.  Gasquet (you remember him from that silly drugs ban, where he took cocaine by kissing a girl called pamela) beat Davydenko the 6th seed who will loose enough point to knock him out of the top ten, and not able to defend his Tour Final Title he'll drop out of the top 20.  Big match for him.  And 18 yr old Beatrice Capra (half american and half italian) beat 20th seed Rezai (half french, half iranian, you remember her from wearing a fancy schmancy outfit at the french, Im sure I rovided visual aids) despite being ranked 351 places below her.  Not bad.  And my interactive slam tracker has frozen so I cant really tell you anythin else.

I am enjoying the coordianted nail polish and frocks look which the top women often exploit, although their nails look perfect EVERY SINGLE MATCH prooving that they have far too much free time on their...ahem...hands.

A better look at the Wozniaki dress, and also Anna Ivanovic who is playing nicely here, and I would be happy for her but for the seemingly prolific topless photo shoots she seems to do (why????).  And heres a better look at Venus William unattractive get up (but its not an underwear dress, huzzah).

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