Saturday, 4 September 2010

The day that was...

Well I spoke too soon, as Venus clearly realised her underewear style dresses were inappropriate for day, and saved it for the evening. I saw it in highlights, and it was extremely sparkly under the lights, and camera flashes, these pics dont do that justice.

Am I a prude? Or does this rate highly on the yikes-o-meter?

Anyway Venus won, and the top women are stringy it together a bit now.  Wozniaki cruising her first two rounds, Ivanovic, Clijsters, Dementiava, and Sharapova all coming through round three.  (Clijsters against Ivanovic Sunday may be a good one), but Jankovic losing in straight sets today after fighting through the first two rounds.  Shame for Janko but she did better the second round defeat of last year.

And Murray won, Nadal won fairly comfortably.  Murray gonna play Wawrinka now who beat Chela.  Is it just me or does mens tennis get very boring very fast (maybe cos they all wear the same clothes?  I thought Andy Roddicks shirt looked quite nice but hes out now).  Gets to third round or so and suddenly youre watching good medium ranked players no ones heard of.  Okay, Ive heard of them but Chela vs Wawrinka- does anyone care? Actually Wawrinka is known to Murray and Winmbledon fans as the guy Andy beat in that long match which Wawrinka should have won as he was two sets up, but Murray came back and flexed his muscles in a nauseating manner.  I also think of him, affectionately, as the one that looks a bit like a womble, but is surprisingly attractive as such.

Stanislav Wawrinka
 Is it just me, or did this blog drastically improve when I started shoving in loads of pics and not really writing that much? Ive found my stregnth.

On that note Ill see if I can find any interestingly dressed men players:
Scottish style versus Jamaican style.  Murray vs Brown, aparrently Brownie (may have to find less potentially racist nickname for him?) wants to switch to British and be on our Davis Cup, think he must have been looking at our old record in that particular tournament?  And I did look for Monfils as he was wearing some exciting shorts but apparently no one took a photo of him.  So here's the best of the rest (dressed, who were photographed).

Ok, thats basically it.  Quite dull in fact.  And did I mention Rafa has sensible hair?  But Sharapovas other dress is quite nice, nice colour I think and collar, weird waist perhaps.

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