Thursday, 9 September 2010

No more live...all highlights

Well youll be pleased to hear that after replacing my Laptop's hands (touchpad), mouth (keyboard), heart (motherboard), and brain (delete harddrive, and reboot from disc... twice) it is working perfectly...although the speaker is still clogged up with yoghurt.  And so to the blog, after a mediocre interview showing I was looking forward to some live evening tennis the other day to discover that, of course, Eurosport no longer shows the live tennis (expensive rights, also I guess its hard to tell what time the matches will start as there are less senior singles matches and they surround them with juniors and doubles and they dont think anyone would want to see that), and I have to wait until 12pm the next day to watch the highlights.

Anyway, heres a catch up:
Nadal plays Verdasco in the quarter finals (6 of the last 16 men were Spanish), Wwarinka (who beat Murray and Querry, remember) plays Youhzny who one time hit his head on the racket so much he was ordered off the court to get a medical time out, as he was bleeding so much.  In the other half, in the semis Federer beat Soderling (who beat him at the French Open remember) and will play Djockovic which could be an awesome match, although Ive been saying that a lot recently (Ivanovic vs Clijsters, Wozniaki vs Sharapova, Federer vs Soderling, Djockovic vs Monfils, and all have kinda fizzled).
In Monfils vs Djockovic Monfils showed why people like him and why he never wins matches he should when he jumped 6 feet in the air and attempting to hit the ball between his legs:

He missed.

In the Womens, its Wozniaki vs Zvonarava (Woz got to the final here last year, and Zvon the Wimby final), and Venus against Clijsters, okay one of those matches has to be a bit good?  So Im hoping for a Zvonerva victory not sure about the other semi, Venus has a 7-1 record over Zvon, and Clijsters 5-2 but Zvonarava has won theyre only matches in 2010 (theyre first since 2006 when Clijsters retired).  Laura Robson's lost in her quarter final match if you were interested, which I doubt you were since shes annoying and southern.  Anyway, Ive got live match stats to eagle eye...until next time.

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