Thursday, 4 November 2010

End of the Year

The womens tour winds to an end, with just a Fed Cup match  to finish it off for 2010.  Dementiava, Clijsters, Zvonarava, Schivone, Stosur, Wozniaki, Jankovic, and Azarenka all played the End of Tour Finals last week which would would determine the winner of tournament (duh), the winner of $1.5million, and the year ending number one spot.   Jankovic suffered from nasal problems which the crazy heat of Doha didn't help, and Dementiava had an ankle injury that made her first match somewhat one sided.  The injury got better and she won her second match though- first three matches are round robin (think world cup group stages), which no one likes.  Although a win is an extra $100,000, but you do get that much just for turning up as well.  Dementiava lost her third match, and it would proove to be her last ever as she retired from professional tennis.

Wozniaki won too of her round robin matches, and in doing secured the end of year number one ranking spot- shes won about 6 titles this year, so its hard to argue with that, although everyone seems to be (I think purely to give them something to talk about).  She made her way to the final (the end of tour finals final). She had beaten Zvonarava in the semi, the only player to win all her round robin matches- it was a close first set with Wozniaki taking an early lead, before Zvon came back to serve for the set only to get broken and let Woz take it.  Zvon disappeared after that and lost the second set 0-6.  The other semi between Stosur and Clijsters went a similar way; with Clijserts underperforming during the first set but Stosur still unable to take it.  And the final?  Well I went out to York, so I didnt watch it.  But Clijsters won.

The Men still have a few weeks to go until their finals (Im going, watch out for me chaps!!!!!), but Andy Roddick won his last match to try to qualify, Federer (already has qualified) also has, same for Djoko.  But Andy Murray just lost his last match, although he and Jamie (now a married man :(, not mych honeymoon either) are still alive in the doubles.
Ciao for now.

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