Thursday, 25 November 2010

Went, Saw, Got the Mug

I got back from London at 1am on Tuesday morning, got to bed at 2:30am, and spent several hours on Tuesday involved in a job centre farce.  Yesterday I relaxed myself with making christmas decorations (it's so close to being nearly December I think its not wholly inappropriate), and these are my excuses for not telling my rapt fans about my trip to the ATP End Of Tour Finals!!!

Unfortunately 5hrs on the coach to get down there and an 8hr gap between breakfast and lunch left me too tired and headachey to enjoy the tennis to its fullest.  But certainly watching live is an experience, even though we had the cheap seats our view was very good- the court looks small and far away on tv and camera but actually we got a great view.  Although we were too high up for the lights or cameras to spot us (or were we??), so no one got to see my glorious banner, apart from the lady next to us who asked to see it after I waved it around numerous times.   Both the doubles and singles went in straight sets Bhupati and Myrni beating Kubot and Marach, and Djokovic winning against Berdych.  Bhupati and Myrni provided some entertainment by coming from a break down to win the first set in the tie break.  Oh I felt every point, I was in it from the very begginning- hmm when Bhupati hit a double fault, aw when Myrni knocked one in the net, and oooh when Bhupati left it for a Myrni who was miles away.

And it was lovely when Djokovic and Berdych came out, holding hands with little children provided by the ATP (I assume they keep them in a really nice warehouse somewhere), by this time the crowd had super filled out and the EXTREMELY ANNOYING people (particularly one laughing man) in the 'hospitality' suites between the two tiers of seating had finally stopped talking.  There wasnt any volleys in the doubles and the singles boys definately enjoyed there baselines rallies- two similar players but Djokovic just slightly better at everything, and Berdych couldnt get his serve working giving two double faults in his opening game to hand Djoko the break.  After that it was clear who would win but Djoko still provided entertainment in his movement and athleticism. 

Oh, remember when I said we didn't get on tv, and then cryptically added (or were we??) Well check this iPlayer still out:

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