Saturday, 26 September 2009

What do you mean..we won?

Wow- suddenly its a good thing to be a British tennis player.  We've had a good week.  I say 'we' because by sitting on my ass watching the tennis, or reading about it online I feel like an integral member of the team.

Coline Fleming and Ken Skupsi (who I think sounds a bit like a pokemon) reached their first ATP tour final at the Open de Moselle (Moselle Open), which gets them into the top 100.  I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if they win but a good result nontheless.  Oh, by the way these were the doubles players who were not deemed good enough to play in the doubles match in Davis Cup last week- you know the won we lost.

I checked to see if my Jamie (Murray) was doing well and found that his ranking has moved to 106 (from around 130) and he and his partner Jamie Dalgado (Jamie2) had won their 3rd title in 5 weeks at the ATP challenger in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

And Elana Baltachea and Katie O'Brien both moved into the top 100 when Baltachea beat O'Brien in the ITF challenger in Shrewsbury.  I saw an interview with Baltachea and she said her aim was to move into the top 100 so as to qualify for the Australian Open.  Let's just hop she can maintain this ranking as these things can be precarious.

Alright so they're not the most pretigious events but they still attract a decent amount of tough competition- imagine playing against people of a similar abilty and ranking all of whom are desparate to win.  If these players can build from these results we could lay the foundations for a great 2010.  Shame Anne Koethathong is missing out on the fun (injured).

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