Saturday, 28 November 2009

ATP Tour Finals- Semi-Finals

We wont talk about the picture of Jamie Murray and girl which is being flashed about everywhere...I hate her.

Anyway, the semi-finals are today
Roger Federer V Nikoli Davydenko (just guessed the spelling)
Juan Del Potro V Robin Soderling

Nadal lost all his round robin matches unbelievably, Andy Murray was pushed out by a game (Murray, Federer, and Del Potro had all won 2 and lost 1, and won the same number of sets, so it went to the number of games each had won- Roger had defo gone through but Del Potro waited on court 25mins before anyone told him whether he'd gone through- this morning Sue Barker, Tim Henman and Andy Castle- you know the real British tennis heavy weights- all agreed it was outrageous, I think the ATP aren't very good with sums and Del Potro played some fun tennis with Tevez who I understand is a footballer that he's friends with).  Last years winner Novak Djokovic who is very tired apparently (not seen his matches) won 2 and lost one but was also knocked out by someone else winning their match- Davydenko.

So we're predicting Del Potro V Federer in the Final Final, and since Juan beat him on Thursday and in the US Open I like him for the win- I want him to win, he's nice and tall- I think I mentioned that before.  But he's really really tall.
And he's nice.
And tall.

Ok Feds V Davy


  1. Hun,the girl is nothing but a simple peasant from Colombia,up to yesterday just another impersonal poor emigrant,who embraced her chances very feverishly,and now swagging with it.Nothing worth mentioning.

  2. *swaggering sorry :)