Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Et dix..

Well well well...
Stop the presses, or the e-presses as more appropriate...
Federer has a record of 23 consecutive grand slam semi finals, meaning his has not lost before a semi in a grand slam since 2004, well until now.  He also had a record of 12 wins and no losses against Robin Soderling, until now.  Soderling, who beat Rafa Nadal in last year's French Open (Rafa's first loss there ever) just beat Federer in four sets.  Soderling lost the first set looking like he would be swept aside fairly quickly but came back serving and hitting big and long (oh yeah, just how I like it).  Fed wasn't able to do any of the fancy schmancy stuff he's known for and as a result looked definately second best.  The better player won.
Im pleased, Feds rather tiring me, all that hanging around with Anna Wintour that did it. 
Anyway, Dementiava, Berdych, and Schiavone also won.


  1. Short but sweet.

    Time for Federer to step down? Though isn't he usually better on grass than clay compared to other players?

  2. yes richard that is quite correct, but often considered the 2nd best clay player too after Nadal